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VoyagerNetz creates powerful  debt collection software solutions,  extensions and  advanced data solutions to swiftly and seamlessly consolidate and strengthen your  Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) enterprises.

VoyagerNetz Solutions

Our suite of Solutions currently consists of:

  • The ARM for Debt Recovery Agents Expert Solution- an affordable and easy-to-use software solution for debt collectors and attorneys. It is efficiently designed with a pre-created and automated workflow built by industry experts; and

  • The ARM Tailor-made Solution- a fully customisable solution built to order, including everything from the user interface to functionality buttons, using flexible and extensible VoyagerNetz technologies. It comes bundled with professional consulting and services, and allows visionaries to build solutions to match their process requirements exactly.

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We also take it one step further by providing a range of valuable Extensions that can be plugged into your existing solution. Extensions are like apps for your VoyagerNetz solution - they extend the functionality of your solution making it even more flexible and powerful. Investing in extensions will continuously benefit you as they are frequently and regularly enhanced in many ways.

Our range of Extensions consists of:

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Friendly VoyagerNetz Consultant

The technologies that form the backbone of our debt collection software solutions and extensions have been enhanced and refined over 20 years by resourceful, dynamic, innovative and downright genius software developers.

Technology aside, however, we are a team of people who work very hard to ensure that we keep our customers happy.

Our solutions are always delivered with a smile and our dedicated, friendly and efficient customer support is sure to keep you smiling too.

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Why VoyagerNetz?

Core Features

There are so many reasons to choose VoyagerNetz it's difficult to pick only a few. Here are some core features, however, that we think you'll love.

VoyagerNetz Solutions

to boost Accounts Receivable Management processes.

 Data Integration & Cleansing

 to increase contactability and collectability.

Dashboards, Reporting & Analytics

for effective performance management.

Extensions & Service Integrations

to customise and add functionality to your solution.

Workflow & Process Automation

to accelerate collections and eliminate human error.

User Management & Access to Data

to streamline agent activity & protect data.

Cost-effective Communication

via autodialer integrations, bulk SMSs, emails & printing of letters.

Professional Services & Consulting

for custom services to optimise business & ARM processes.

What's New?

Latest News & Announcements

Case Manager 5.1 Release

Flexibility wrapped in Simplicity

Case Manager 5.1 for VoyagerNetz

Case Manager is the software platform on which most of the VoyagerNetz Solutions are built - improvements to Case Manager will enhance the performance and ease of use associated with these Solutions and open the door to amazing new advancements in your day-to-day debt collection performance

You are sure to love the changes which were made because the developers had you in mind all the way.


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