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Messaging Solutions

Boost your Customer Reach and Engagement

Reach more targeted customers with your marketing message AND boost customer engagements THROUGH texting and messaging.

The benefits of using our texting and messaging solutions

Easy to implement and easy to use...

The easiest way to introduce texting and messaging as a part of your customer communication strategy.

Now with real-time conversation translation for over 130 languages!

Customers can ask questions in their preferred language and your team member can answer in their preferred language - VoyagerNetz Engage takes care of the rest.

Transfer conversations between individuals and groups.

When necessary the assigned user can easily transfer a conversation to another group / team or to another individual user.

Bring it all together in one system.

Easily bring together all facebook, texting and chat communication across all teams, facilities, events, programs and amenities in one simple system. Team members are assigned to these groups with certain rights.

Collaborate around customer questions like never before!

Assigned users can pull other team members into conversations and internal discussions right next to the customer conversation. This works great for solving problems, training and guidance.

Create interests which customers can follow...

Customers self-segment by simply scanning a QR Code to follow an interest - in this way you can easily get important and promotional information to the right customers.

Use Engage and Reach on any device.

No matter what devices your team members are using we support it and it takes only seconds to install. Users can have a conversation on one device and instantly switch to and continue on another device.

Customer self-help rainout and notification info via text.

Customers can easily get the latest rainout and notification information for facilities, event, programs and amenities via text. We generate QR codes to make it even easier for customers to get the status info.

Stay in touch from anywhere!

Teams inform us that after implementing VoyagerNetz solutions they are able to better keep track of customer engagements and hold team members accountable.

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