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Our Mission

VoyagerNetz' mission is to empower businesses to deliver remarkable experiences to their customers in order to make an ever increasing positive impact on their communities and on the people they serve.


The VoyagerNetz journey started in December of 1995 when Hanz van Aardt's passion for technology was one of the triggers to start a new company. The Voyager product started as a FinTech solution which automates customer communication in Medical Practices, Hospitals, Universities, Call Centres and many more types of organizations.

VoyagerNetz develops Customer Experience Management products - we have offices in Illinois, USA and Pretoria, South Africa. We serve customers in the United States, Oceania and Africa.

A message from Hanz

When I started working on the VoyagerNetz dream in 1995 I could not have imagined the incredible voyage that lay before me - I am still just as passionate about innovation and technology as I was back then but nowadays I am even more passionate about empowering businesses like yours to deliver phenomenal experiences to your customers. I believe that by doing this we will together make an increasing positive impact on communities and on the lives people. This purpose lies at the heart of VoyagerNetz.

Regions Where We Operate

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