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How will your park and recreation community benefit from your new VoyagerNetz Engage solution?

May 16, 2023


Hanz van Aardt

VoyagerNetz - USA


Do you ever find yourself struggling to communicate with organizations similar to your park district agency OR do you sometimes struggle to get the information you need in a timely manner from such organizations? Have you ever wished there were a more convenient way to reach out to them with questions and requests? Well, with VoyagerNetz Engage, we can help you make sure your community does not feel disconnected from your organization!

VoyagerNetz Engage

VoyagerNetz Engage is a platform that allows park and recreation agencies to communicate with their customers through text messaging, web chat and social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger. This means that customers can send messages using their channel of choice and in their language of choice (more about this later), and the park district team will receive it in real-time, allowing for quick and efficient communication.

Conversation routing

One of the biggest advantages of using VoyagerNetz Engage is that it allows customers to use their messaging channel of their choice (Texting, Facebook, WebChat or WhatsApp) to communicate with park district agencies like yours. Customers can send a message inquiring about park hours, events, or even report a maintenance issue together with a photo to make it easy and efficient.  Conversations are automatically routed to the right teams inside your park district agency cutting to the chase so to speak. Your community will love this as they will no longer struggle to get into contact with the right people in your park district agency.

Team collaboration

Internally at the park district, the request is received by the right team and all team members can see the incoming conversation. This is a significant benefit because it allows for quick and efficient communication between team members, and it allows them to evaluate the message to determine who should respond to the customer. Managers and supervisors can also keep an eye on response times and overall support quality, which is very different from phone and email-based conversations where only one team member really knows what is going on. It allows for a higher level of transparency and accountability, ensuring that customer needs are met efficiently and effectively.  No more getting stuck for ages in a voicemail or email inbox.

Team members can easily pull other team members into these conversations, and these participants can have internal discussions related to the conversation without the customer seeing these internal chats. This allows for better collaboration and ensures that the customer receives the best possible service.

Conversations can also be transferred between individuals or departments as needed. This is particularly useful if the customer's request is beyond the scope of the current team member, allowing the customer to be directed to the appropriate team or individual easily and efficiently.

Language translation

Finally, when a team member is ready to respond, they can do it in their language of choice, and the system will translate this response into the customer's preferred language. Amazingly conversations can take place in several languages with customers messaging in their preferred language, team members responding in theirs and all participants seeing the entire conversation in English. This is pretty amazing to behold. This feature ensures that language is never a barrier to providing excellent customer service, making it easier for all team members to follow along.

What do these features mean to your park and recreation agency?

VoyagerNetz Engage will enable your park district agencies to better serve your community. It allows for quick and efficient communication between team members and customers, increases transparency and accountability, and ensures that language is never a barrier to providing excellent customer service. Your team will work better together and your community will love the increased levels of efficiency which messaging and texting will bring to their questions and support requests. 

So, the next time you wonder how you could make your community experience more convenient and efficient then I want to encourage you to give VoyagerNetz Engage a try. We have a thirty day no-strings-attached free trial which will allow you to effectively evaluate the viability and ease of implementing VoyagerNetz Engage.